Nice to meet you CALL :)

When I saw the name of the lesson, I became very happy. Technology is something that I interested in. However, The teacher said us that ‘you will have a task for every week.’ and I got upset. I tought they would waste my time.

The first thing was wordpress. I have a blog now. Firstly I tought that I coulnd’t write anaything, but I saw that I can write 🙂

I have learnt a lot of things in the lesson. Storyjumper, audioboo, wordpress, weebly…. I like most of the topics much. It was a lesson that I learnt and enjoyed.

Two in One (Weebly and Secondlife)

Firstly, this week we talked about creating a website. It has an easy way, WEEBLY. It is very easy to use. You can select your theme and then start your website. As a teacher you can have a website and you can share everything via it with your students and everyone. I created a website using weebly and I realy enjoyed it. I displayed my CALL things. 

The last topıic of semester was Secondlife. I haven’t use it yet. It is very useful in terms of Virtual conferences and classrooms. You can join this class wherever you are. 


Podcasting was something that I didn’t hear before. I leant it in this week. Briefly, it is something like audio record. You can find them on internet and can use in your class. If you can’t find what you want, you can create your own record. For that, there is a website with the name of audioboo. With the help of the website, you can record your voice and publish it. Or, you can ask your students to record their speech. Also you can use it to evaluate your students speaking.

Digital story and storyjumper

This week, we talked about digital stories and story jumper. I had known digital story. Last year I prepared a digitalstory for my lesson. It is a lit bit difficult to prepare but it is very enjoyable to students. We can prepare it ourselves or we can find them on internet.

For our task for this week I also prepared a digital story. The name of the story was three little pigs. We upload it on a website. Everybody can take them and use them. 

Also, I prepare a storybook using storyjumper. You can create your own storybook using pictures. You can read it online. 

Social Media

The topic of week was twitter and facebook. The teacher asked who hasn’t have a facebook or twitter account. I have a facebook account but I don’t have a twitter account. The teacher ask why dont you have? There wasn’t any special reason. After the lesson I got a twitter account and start using it.

I know how to use facebook in education but I am not good at twitter. I will learn it and as a teacher I will try to use it. 


This week I couldn’t go to class. The topic of the week was wiziq. I searched it on the internet. It is a online education platform. With wiziq, you don’t have to go to school. You can create your own classroom and your students can join your class from their homes. 

With Wiziq you can join classes given by professionals. It is a very big chance.

Online Clasrooms

This week we talked about online learning and we learnt 2 tools. They are, dokeos. I think, is very limited tool. You cannot share a lot of things. For example, ıf you want to share a video, you can just share the link of it. 

dokeos include more features for example scheduling, document sharing. messaging etc. Using doceos you can create quizes. 

If we want to make our class different,  we can learn how to use these tools and use them in our classes.